Google Photos now adds up with Map View Satellite layer, to Integrate your Travel ‘Timeline’

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Well, as we all know Google always keeps trying something new for their users. And now there is one more update from Google for us. But this update is going to be from Google running application. Last month, Google briefly mentioned that the Location History-powered Timeline feature in Maps was coming to Google Photos. The Timeline integration is now rolled out in Google Photos for iOS and Android, along with the ability to change the map layer.

As per the recent news, the ‘Google Photos’ app. has added a new feature in it which is been called as the “Maps Timeline” feature by Google. This new feature will help to show the pictures of your planned trips on the routes on where you’ve captured pictures.

Also, this new feature is going to be live on ‘Google Photos’ version 5.23.0 and above. It’s the latest announcement in a series of new features introduced in the app by Google this year. According to Google’s statement, users can also use their photos’ locations to organize, manage search and explore more photos based on where the picture was captured. 

Even though “This year Google Photos app became the second app to hit five billion installs on Play Store”. As we all know well that Google Photos App is generally used for saving photos and also for taking backups of your High quality Images and Videos. Because of this and even Google’s efforts on adding a new feature for their users ‘Google Photos’ has reached 5 billion installs on Google Play Store. Even it grabbed the second position after worldwide popular app Whats App.

How to use the new Feature?

To use the new feature, >> Open ‘Google Photos’ on your device > Search tab > Places > Your Map. After this, a new warning pop-up message will notify you that the Maps timeline feature has been added to your map, along with a link to a ‘Support page’ which will help you in better understanding the new feature. 

According to a report stated by an ‘Android Police’, that you may have to zoom in for a bit to receive the first daily path to show up. But after the first trial, it should become easier for you to pinch and zoom through your city or country or world and you can see the routes you followed every day and all your photos you have captured. Google Photos has also provided users the option to disable their timeline integration on ‘Google Photos’.

It is always worth reliving for us to see the timeline of a particular trip along with the pictures that you took. And we should be glad that Google is trying their best to make us feel worth reliving. 

Google More Updates

  • Recently, the Google Photos App has also announced Cinematic Photos which is a new feature of Google that will create a 3D effect for some of your pictures. 
  • Last month, Google Maps added a new feature named as Trips tab on their Timeline on Android. This feature shows an all-over summary of your past vacations and the total kilometres you have travelled.
  • In June, Google Photos was also accepted with a simpler three-tab interface that is – Photos, Library and Search along with a map view. 
  • The map view in the Search tab helps to show visuals, that resemble a heat map, of the locations where you have captured pictures and these pictures can be browsed by tapping on the heat zone only.

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