Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6): Release Date is Out Now

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As we know many gamers are waiting for the successor of Grand Theft Auto 5 that is Grand Theft Auto 6. And now by the reports, it is said that we might not get Grand Theft Auto 6 by the end of 2024.

A reporter from Bloomberg named Jason Schreier confirms in a leaker’s video. Another well-known game leaker Tom Henderson who provides leaks on many games such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, etc has posted a video on YouTube giving details on what we can see in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6.

Tom claims that the game will be based on the modern settings that include Vice City in some capacity. In the video, it is also been said that Grand Theft Auto 6 will have multiple playable characters and a female protagonist with a hacker role.

Tom also predicts the release date of GTA 6 among all the rumours, saying GTA 6 will release around 2024 or 2025.

While Tom says this release is just a “prediction”, Jason Schreier replies to a tweet confirming the information Tom provided. “Idk why everyone thinks that I said GTA VI was coming in 2023” Jason has tweeted.

It is a saying that GTA 6 is still in “early development” and can have an “expanding map”.

Grand Theft Auto 6 release date is out

Launch date to be expected of GTA 6?

As per the leaks and rumours, it is been said that Grand Theft Auto (GTA 6) will be released in around 2024-2025.

What new will GTA 6 have?

  • It is said that GTA 6 will have a Vice city map, but the settings would be like modern-day settings.
  • This game will be meant for next-generation consoles.
  • As said before that game will be released near 2024-2025 so, the game developer’s might develop GTA 6 for many platforms and everyone can enjoy playing it.
  • Many new cool cars might be available in this game.
  • GTA 6 developers might also add supercars to enhance the gaming experience.

Rumours of GTA 6:

The launch date of GTA 6 will be around 2024-2025

As many leaks and rumours say that the final and playable version of Grand Theft Auto might take some more years for full complete development. Till then there is no official confirmation by Rockstar Games. The launch date is also a rumour, the game might come before 2024 or after 2024. We can’t say anything.

Multiple playable characters will be available

GTA 6 might have multiple playable characters with different stories for each player. As we know that GTA 5 is only having 3 playable characters Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. These three players have there three different playable stories. Michael has been given the role of a bank robber who lives on the East Coast, Trevor is been assigned as a trailer park criminal and Michael’s best friend, and Franklin is a gangster from South Los Santos.

Rewards might be given in cryptocurrency instead of cash

Tom Henderson tweets and says that in GTA 6 missions will be rewarded in-game through bitcoin instead of cash. He also says that bitcoin couldn’t be replaced by cash instead it will be another way of buying in-game items.

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