Indian Government heading towards second Digital Strike: Govt planning to ban 275 Chinese apps including PUBG on the Top list

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As, we all know last month Indian Government has banned around ’59 Chinese applications’ in which on top was Tik-Tok, Shareit, CamScanner, Baidu Map and UC Browser. In the banned list.., Helo app, Clash of Kings, Likee as well as various popular ‘E-commerce’ platforms such as Club Factory and Shein was included.

So, after out of the ordinary banned and completing the first Digital strike on China, now the government of India is planning to deliver one more setback to Chinese companies. As per the new report, the Indian government is examining a broad list of over 275 Chinese Applications over ‘Security’ and ‘Data Privacy’ concerns. This new list not only includes applications from the companies which are Chinese origin but also it includes the companies that have received ‘Funding’ or investment from various Chinese companies.

Some of the big names that are being inspected, are the popular mobile game like PUBG which is supported by Tencent Games  and also 14 different applications from ‘Xiaomi’ such as Zili, AliExpress backed by Alibaba & Resso and Ulike from Bytedance. Similar, apps supported by Meitu, LBE Tech, Perfect Corp, Sina Corp, Netease Games and Yoozoo Global like apps are also been under the government examination this days.

A report stated by Economic Times: “Some of these apps have been red-flagged due to security reasons while others have been listed for violation of data sharing and privacy concerns”.

Attractively, various apps from Supercell, the owner of infamous games such as Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Clash Royale, etc are also under the scan. Few days back, Supercell has taken over by Tencent so automatically the Supercell also comes under the Government radar.

However, if we talk about the ban on the most popular game in India that is PUBG, then this ban may highly affect on businesses as well as PUBG streamers in India. In PUBG India is the largest market all over the world with ‘175 Millions of downloads’ to date and over 24% of the sum of downloads. PUBG has a vast fanbase among Indian citizens. These citizens include especially young players. So, in case if the Indian Government banned PUBG then the business market likely to face a big crisis.

As for now the new list shows the agencies are still examining the impact of the banned in India and no final decision has been taken around banning these  Chinese applications. Before taking the final decision to ban these 275 Chinese apps, the Indian Government agencies will follow the due protocol.

The fact that these applications are guaranteed to provide any data to the Chinese Government is the biggest segment of concern for the Indian Government. Also, the Indian technology agencies have been able to identify ‘Seven Chinese companies’ which may have a connection with the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) of China. These companies include brands like Tencent developers of PUBG, Alibaba, Huawei and many others.

Since the Indian Government has started the revolution of being “Atma Nirbhar”, this second Digital strike will be another example of revolution.

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