Lock-down: Top 5 Google Certifications for Free

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As we all know the ‘COVID-19’ pandemic has brought the entire world to a halt and  lot of us suddenly have a lot of spare time. Searching ways to be productive and gaining more knowledge during these times is a constant habit for people who are staying at home. Eventually, Google recently rolled out a lot of free online courses for beginners and as well as professionals to help people acquire new skills and also improve existing ones. Whether you have a IT background, management or even want to set up a new business – Google has provided a various courses and certifications for all subset’s.

Here, are the Top 5 Google certifications courses available for free on the virtual learning platforms like Coursera and Udemy:

Data Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Certificate

This is a beginner level course for all those who are interested in Information Technology(IT) and is aimed at Data Engineering roles. This particular course covers the infrastructure and services provided by the Google Cloud Platform. If you are in a Data Engineering role or if you are interested in learning more about the field this is one of the perfect course for you. The course duration is 4-months and is available on the Coursera for free.

Reliable Google Cloud Infrastructure: Design and Process

This course aims to equip students with design patterns to build reliable solutions on the Google Cloud platform. Though, this course is structured through a combination of presentation’s, activities and also illustrates the balance required between the business and technical specifications for ‘Google Cloud Projects’. This is a very short course of only apprx. 8-hours and is available on the Coursera for free.

Google Analytics Certification: Become Certified & Earn More

Google Analytics is one of the most new in demand course. This course helps the aspirants pass the ‘Google Analytics Certification’ with 200 and above free sample questions. Here, the course tutors will also provide a downloadable PDF that contains Top 50 ‘Google Analytics’ terms that you need to know. It is a short course for the beginners to start with the learning basics of analytics. This course is one of the on-demand video service and is only for 2 hours. This course is available on Udemy.

Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure

This course is the one of the best course if you want to learn something important about concepts and terminologies when it comes to cloud platforms especially Google Cloud Platforms. From the ‘Google App’ Engine to Cloud Storage and Big Query this course provides foundational virtual learning in all stages of Google’s Cloud Infrastructure. The duration of the course is approximately 12-hours and it is available on the Coursera for free.

Google Analytics Academy Courses

This course helps students to learn more about Google’s measurement tools and algorithm to grow a business through Data collection and Analytics. This course is aimed both at Beginners and as well Advanced users. This course is only available on Google Analytics Academys website.

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