Looking for a USB Virus Scanner? Here are 5 To Try

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It happens to almost everyone, somehow your computer got infected by it and it won’t even start. Rather, than take it directly to a repair shop and pay an exorbitant amount or either try a USB virus scanner that scan your system for viruses and malware without starting the operating system.

There are numerous USB virus scanner options available in the market in todays date, but it can be hard to find exactly which one is the best for you. The following are the some best USB Virus Scanner to try if some malicious happen’s to your system. These programs can not only be launched from USB drives but they can also scan new drives which are already plugged into your system.

Panda USB

Well, despite its cute name, Panda USB is nothing to sneeze at. The Panda USB is a USB-based virus scanner which is capable of searching through an infected system and rooting out the problem. It’s an open source platform which is freely available also a major plus point to anyone looking to repair a computer for cheap or by it’s own.

The most impressive part is the USB Vaccine, which is also an increasing number in malicious programs that attempts to spread through USB-Sticks. These programs will often leads to plant themselves on drives without knowing the user and then spread to the next system when it’s plugged into.

Although, Panda’s USB Vaccine disables the ability for programs to do this by adding an extra layer of protection to your system. It does this by disabling the ability for programs to run automatically on your system which means you have to approve every step-by-step of the process you do.

This can be inconvenient to most of the user but it does ensure that no program can be run on your system without your permissions. Panda USB fits on nearly any size USB-Drive you used and can be downloaded from the CNet.

Adaware Live CD

The program Adaware Live CD can be installed on a CD, but it can be installed directly on-to a USB drive also. Once you have installed the Adaware Live CD program on-to a flash drive you can now directly boot it from the BIOS menu where you will see several options like: Boot sector scan, Quick scan, Custom scan and Full scan.

It even gives users the ability to update definitions before it scans your systems, in other words we can say it as, you can tell it what new viruses to be on the system to lookout for. The ability to scan specific parts for your system drivers makes this a tremendously useful tool, especially if you have already a suspicion as to where the infection may be.

The downside of this software is that it requires a minimum of 2 GB of space, so it’s a rather hefty file. It also requires Windows 7 to run on or later and will not work with Mac devices. It’s better to create this drive and have it standing by in case of emergency.


Bitdefender, has been around for a long time now and has built a quite reputation as a powerful antivirus program as a USB virus Scanner. It features a ‘USB immunizer’ program that disables the threats on USB drives before they are able to access the system. This process is done in real time, so you don’t have to do anything besides plugging in the USB drive.

It also adds up an additional layer of security by disabling the autorun, which means that even a drive that hasn’t been scanned will be unable to harm your system. This isn’t a USB-based scanner. Bitdefender is intended to protect against unwanted intrusion from unknown USB drives to enter into your system and it excels at doing exactly that it is intended to do so.

USB Disk Security

It’s a free to use open source platfrom, although users won’t have to shell out an arm and a leg to keep their system secure from USB attacks. It constantly keeps scanning USB drives for new infections and isolates them before they’re able to spread all over inside your driver files.

The USB virus scanner program runs automatically whenever a new USB drive is connected to your system. There is a also premium version of USB Disk Security that features other components, including multiple repair options for infected USB drives. It can also work with other antivirus programs too.


Kaspersky is a well-known name in the world of computer antivirus security. The company has produced antivirus programs for years now and has recently branched out with Kaspersky PURE. This program provides a multiple scanning options to your system and allows you to automatically scan any USB drive whenever you insert in your system.

This USB virus scanner includes more customized options including the maximum drive size it should scan, whether to perform a quick scan or a full scan. These settings are adjustable to improve the overall performance and ensure user to don’t spend too much processing power on antivirus scans.

But, unfortunately the quality of a brand name comes with a price tag. Kaspersky Antivirus price at $30 for three individual PCs for one year. After a year you’ll need to renew your subscription, but if you want to ensure full security of your drives, it may be worth it.

The above five USB virus scanners can help you to protect your system against unwanted intruders but this comes with a word of warning before you download any program from the internet and make it sure that it comes from a trusted source. Many virus distributors try to hide malicious code in the back-end of programs, designed to protect against them.

Make sure to see the security certificate’s of the website you are downloading from, is it up-to date and do a quick search to find out if anyone has encountered difficulties with the program recently. It’s better to be safe than sorry, particularly when it comes to your personal information.

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