Mumbai Gullies – a GTA Styled Game from an Indian Developer

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India has not been a big destination for making video games, but we really had some successes recently and now another game wants to join these ranks. A new game called ‘Mumbai Gullies’ from GameEon Studios aspires to get into the same league as the GTA series games.

Mumbai based game studio ‘GameEon’ is developing an open-world game that is inspired by Bollywood and the city that the industry is set in, replete with guns, gangs, and an adoration for its biggest stars.

Mumbai Gullies - a GTA Styled Game from an Indian Developer

‘Mumbai Gullies’ which is the title given to the project, is inspired by games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which has a character that explores the virtual city-like environment within the game while also having a set of storyline tasks or “missions”, as its core gameplay.

While the game will primarily be focused on an offline experience first, stated by ‘Nikhil Malankar’, founder of GameEon, that based on user feedback, it will consider having a multiplayer and online experience if the response is positive from the end-user.

He also mentioned, that the development of a game that is inspired by Mumbai has been working for at least five years, and he was waiting for the right moment to begin such a large-scale project.

The trailer of the game is currently out in English as well as in Hindi, and though it does not show the game-play, quite a bit of the environment is teased out. GTA has always been a popular game series in India, and to have an absolutely Indian version that is set in Mumbai would definitely be thrilling out.

Mumbai Gullies: Teaser details

While there isn’t much information about the game currently available, the teaser does show some locations which we hope will be available in-game.

The description of the teaser on YouTube reads,”Mumbai Gullies is exactly the game we have collectively dreamt for. It’s the dream envisioned by CEO ‘Nikhil Malankar’ ever since he started his career alongside with his friend“.

We assume that the game plot would have something to do with the fictional underworld of Bombay city. The teaser shows-off the very famous ‘Bombay Stock Exchange’ (BSE) and the Dalal Street sign at just the start of the teaser. This is followed by the scenes that showcase the iconic black and yellow taxis of Mumbai along with the Traffic police and Auto-rickshaws.

CEO ‘Nikhil Malankar’ On Mumbai Gullies:

  • Mumbai Gullies – Indian “GTA Vice City Mumbai” Game In India soon to be launched, game release date is not yet confirmed
  • It is an Open World Game available everywhere. The Mumbai Gullies game is not copied but Inspired. So, excited for Indian “GTA Vice City Mumbai” Game.
  • Company ‘Gameeon’ India Announce ‘Mumbai Gullies’ Poster and Trailer link above.

The teaser also shows a red sedan car navigating through a street thick with traffic, and a rather accurate looking police vehicle chasing it with very rough and though attribute. We see some milk centres that open up early while it’s still night-time. There is one scene that showcases a character playing a game called ‘Kyte from GameEon Studios’ themselves.

Mumbai Gullies - a GTA Styled Game from an Indian Developer

We also get a look at what seems to be a prominent character in a mural on the street in a scene from the teaser. We even get a look at policemen in the game who seem attired like those we see them in our real-life.

CEO ‘Nikhil Malankar’ has done a break-up of the teaser where he explains the different details used in the game that include the vehicles, road signs, and other things.

According to the teaser launch, the game is set to release on Steam and Epic Games for PC soon, no specific date has been disclosed yet. The game was announced this year at IGDC and is in full production ever since for the last five years. As of now, we don’t have an official release date, but it’s gonna be an exciting adventure that will culminate in a Game.

Mumbai Gullies will be the first game that ‘GameEon’ has made on the PC. It currently has an extensive portfolio of over 30 games on the Google Play Store with collective downloads exceeding over 100 Million.

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