Netflix Update: For Indian users, Netflix now available in Hindi

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Nowadays various Social Media platforms are capturing another level of attention from the audience. As now, because of ‘COVID-19′ it’s not possible for us to go out from our home. In this case, social platforms have become an essential part of our life. It can be your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any other. But, when it comes to watching Series and Movies then no doubt the first option comes in our mind is Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hotstar.

While accessing social platforms, one cons. that many peoples faces the problems  which is the language barrier. According to the report, only about 10% of India’s population people know English perfectly and can operate such social platforms very well. It doesn’t mean other peoples are not able to operate it, but somehow those peoples face some problems while understanding the functions of that particular application.

To solve this issue various social platforms have launched user interfaces in other languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Hindi and many other foreign languages. And now as per the latest news American Streaming Service ‘Netflix’ has joined the group of launching ‘New User interface’.

After four and a half years launching of Netflix in India. As per the request video streaming giant Netflix has officially rolled out the option to use its platform interface in the Hindi language. Hindi is a language that is used and spoken by almost Half a Billion people in India. The change in language will speculate throughout the User Interface.

According to a report publish by Netflix association is from the sign-up page of Netflix to search rows, collections, descriptions of films and shows and even payment, the Hindi language is now going to covered all-over the platform. Well, Netflix has not stopped here only. Netflix has also worked in our comfort zone. The new interface of Netflix about providing the Hindi language option is available on all devices such as your TV, Mobile and Web.

Well from this may be seen that it is another attempt of streaming giant Netflix association to reach out to the social platform users in small towns and expand its audience core in India. Last year Netflix had launched a ₹199 per month mobile-only plan for Indian consumers and even last month a ₹349-subscription plan for HD content which was going to be streamed on cell phones, tablets, and laptops had rolled out by Netflix.

VP Content at Netflix India’s, Monika Shergill, stated in her latest mailed statement that “Delivering a great Netflix experience is as important to us as creating great content. We believe the new user interface will make Netflix even more accessible and better suit members who prefer Hindi.”

Netflix worldwide competitors such as Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime VIdeo has already supported the Hindi Language in their applications. And, now by rolling out the Hindi interface Netflix is not lacking behind. But Netflix’s Hindi-language user interface won’t be in a limited amount for the members in India only but it will be available across wide the world, the streaming Netflix’s services are available in other 26 languages such as German, Bahasa, Danish, Indonesia, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Swahili, English, Finnish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Portuguese, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Vietnamese and Turkish.

How to change the User Interface to Hindi on Netflix?

To switch to the Hindi language on Netflix, you can do this by visiting your “Manage Profile” option then click on the “Language” button. By clicking on the language button, you will receive many languages, from that choose Hindi.

As per the Netflix plan, ‘Language’ settings are profile-specific, so you don’t have to worry about the risk of affecting other consumers on the same Netflix account. Even one more addition is that Netflix allows five profiles on the same account, in this case, each profile owner is allowed to be free to choose their preferred language on their own.

Here you go, now you can enjoy your movies and series, such as the most popular series like Sacred Games, Choked, etc and even you can operate apps functionality very well with your familiar language.

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