PUBG Mobile Updated user Privacy Policy for India, claims data is securely stored locally in India

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The last few months have seen that the Indian Government taking a strict stand action against the apps of Chinese company origin. Already, the government had banned 59 Chinese apps which include video-sharing app like Tik-Tok, Vigo, Helo among others last month. After officially banning 59 Chinese apps in India, earlier this week the latest news reported about an order released by the ‘Ministry of IT’ that 47 more Chinese company apps that were mostly duplicates of the previously banned Chinese apps were also added to the list.
It was also suggested that apart from this, the latest news of over 275 other Chinese apps was also under examination of Indian govt to banned soon after checking for any user privacy or national security violations in which Tencent’s backup PUBG was on the top list. Now as per the new report it seems that PUBG MOBILE the Tencent based company has updated its privacy policy for Indian PUBG users. This biggest announcement was carried out after several reports all over the world mentioned that the popular royal battle PUBG MOBILE is listed among the 275 apps. Though, the news is still unconfirmed that if PUBG Mobile is gonna get banned or not..!
The updates in the Privacy Policy of PUBG MOBILE have been introduced to offer the Indian govt better transparency around ‘how personal information is going to processed’, changes in the PUBG MOBILE Privacy Policy announcement is officially delivered by ‘PUBG Mobile India’ on their official PUBG discord channel.
The organization stated that “To answer some questions regarding this, we update our user privacy policy from time to time to reflect our current privacy practices, these updates are intended to make privacy policy easier to understand and to give more transparency about how we processed your personal information”.

PUBG Mobile Privacy Policy New Updates

The Privacy Policy for Indian PUBG users states that the data which is acquired from Indian users now will be stored on the servers which are located in India. The Tencent Game company has also clarified that they have a support team, engineering team which is working on the latest updates in India. The new updated Privacy Policy also states that PUBG Mobile servers are located in ‘India’ for users and in ‘Singapore’,’Hong Kong SAR’ and the ‘United States’. Though, their supporting team, engineering teams and other teams are located all over the world including the People’s Republic of China (PRC). They also mentioned that these teams are located globally for working on their Privacy Policy. But, in updated Privacy Policy from this term company has excluded Taiwan, Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR.

The company has cleared out that the Indian team will access user information of the gamers present in India, the same US and Hong Kong SAR will have access to user information. The company has also stated that they use ‘Third Parties’ when it comes to sharing information. Therefore, by using third parties such as cloud services users get the best possible experience from cloud services for backing up the data, support ticketing and fraud detection.
The company also added in their Privacy Policy that these third-party service providers work on providing support for Game Services. This game service includes sharing in-game photos, support communication while gaming, for processing user support ticket IDs and also for marketing and advertisements purpose, for latest updates and information for Game Services to arrange ‘E-sports’ events and various payment procedures, security and scam detection, etc.
The company also mentioned that all the other service providers are strictly banned from collecting, using and disclosing any personal information of PUBG MOBILE users for any wrong purpose other than to provide the company their services like support.

What kind of Data does PUBG Mobile store on its servers?

The company clarified that it will automatically collect data like your open ID, IP address, device information such as your (application version, WiFi strength, battery level, storage space, network type, OS version, the platform which you used for gaming, carrier, country code, series ID, Android ID, MAC and IDFV), your registration time, login time and information related to your use of the Game Services.
From the above-mentioned information, the company will also store data like social media details of yours, transactions linked to player ID, Advertising ID, most important your audio and text chats, list of installed APK and running apps from your available space and more. Keeping all these asides most importantly, the Tencent backup PUBG Mobile has also stated that user data is stored on servers for seven to 30 days after your account has been deleted. If you don’t option for account deletion, then your data is going to store for a ‘Year’ before being automatically deleted from the server.
The new change for users in India is their data is not going to send out of the country. This data will store right in India only. Also, they will receive assurance of not being sold out their data to other third parties.
Moreover, there is nothing else changes for gamers in India here – players can keep playing as they were.

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