Tencent to come up with a brand New Metal Slug Game

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SHENZHEN, China on 27th June, 2020.. .Ti-Mi Studios which is a subsidiary of Tencent Games announced a new partnership with SNK CORPORATION a leading Japanese Game company to develop a new game which is yet to be named as Mobile Game for the classic Arcade franchise Metal Slug.
SNK and Tencent recently announced a brand new Metal Slug Game for Andriod and iOS and it’ll be developed by Ti-Mi Studios, which is an incredibly hot Tencent subsidiary that already worked on COD (Call of Duty) Mobile and is additionally currently engaged on Pokemon Unite. Although, thus far we all know that the upcoming Arcade shooter is tentatively named Metal Slug Code: ‘J’ (as a placeholder) so all we’ve got to share without delay a teaser trailer that contain’s a moment of pure Gameplay and despite what you’re thinking Metal Slug Code: ‘J’ actually seems like a competent successor within the Metal Slug series.
You can view Metal Slug Code: J’s trailer above and past the 30-second mark you will be treated to a full minute of actual Gameplay. First and foremost.., it might appear that Ti-Mi Studios has decided to travel with 3D graphics rather than the familiar pixel-based designs though Metal Slug series is well-known for, but beat all the 3D Graphics still provide an identical vibe as of before it had been. Simply, put there is no denying Code: J feels like a correct Metal Slug game. 
Past the Graphics, you may notice the Touch-screen controls are prominently displayed on the left and right of the screen which ensures that Code: ‘J’ is indeed a side-scrolling shooter rather like the initial Arcade titles. So, from the outset it might appears that Ti-Mi Studios is respecting the property with no tell-tale signs of Greedy Monetization which is been visible during the above Gameplay video. Morever, seeing that Ti-Mi studios is well-known for mostly selling cosmetics in COD i.e; Call of Duty Mobile.., i’d hope an analogous Monetization scheme is planned for Metal Slug Code: ‘J’ but with the Tencent attached you never really understand how these items will plan out.
Now, for people who are really taking note, the above Youtube Trailer contains Non-English text although the video itself was released in many various languages for a large number of territories. Since, Shin Nihon Kikaku (SNK) Japanese:(New Japan Product video game manufacturer) haven’t actually revealed anything about past launching within the above Trailer we currently don’t have any idea during which region’s Shin Nihon Kikaku (SNK), Tencent and Ti-Mi Studio plans to publish the sport. We even have no idea how the sport are Monetized or when it’ll be released.
So there you have got it. a brand new upcoming Metal Slug Game which is coming to Mobile and there is an opportunity it won’t suck. While, I won’t personally get my hopes up as i do should say it might be nice to induce a correct update to the Metal Slug series on mobile that may not filled to the brim with Greedy Monetization. Of-course, if you’d opt to play through the classics matches while you bide it slow expecting more information about Metal Slug Code: ‘J’, just remember that Metal Slug, Metal Slug X and Metal Slug 3 are available on the Play Store.

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